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Short note..

Here I am. Working my best on saps again. This time round I need to key -in the PMR Trial Exam a.k.a EXCEL 2 marks and the system was super duper fast right now. Love It!

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Slow Wednesday…

I start my day with my daily routine. Get up from my sleep and find my attire to work for today. Such a boring life, isn’t? Doing the same thing every single day. :(

As I wrote in my previous entry about my unfold laundry, yea its still happen. I just put all of my clean laundry in my laundry basket rather than fold or hang them nicely. So, when I need anything from the basket, I will take everything out first before putting inside back after getting the item that I needed. The searching process normally will take about 2-3 minutes. Huh, kind of treasure hunts for me, right? Seems I enjoyed it because it already happened for almost a month.

What? Enjoy it? NO!. It’s really spoils my mood early in the morning!

Okay stop about the unfold laundry matter.

I don’t feel want to blog today. Last night before went off to bed I tried to write a poem but sadly I didn’t manage to complete it. So I save it as a draft. I even not prepare any picture for Wordless Wednesday Segment. Oh poor me. I hope I can find a picture before off to work this afternoon. So, if you guys visit my page and find out that my page contains lots of  news from online newspapers, please forgive me. :)

I think today will be going to be the slowest day in my life. By the way, here are my warm wishes to all of you:

Happy Wednesday and do enjoy it!

Top commentators at – I am no. 3

Yeah. I am Happy!..So just imagine I was jumping here and there (but still inside my room and nobody can see it). In fact, the blog owner – Ellen inform me Yesterday morning that the result only will be announce by midnight and I try my best to stay awake but I failed. I am too exhausted and off to bed early. So, after had my sahur just now, I go to Ellen blog and check out the winners. Cool, I am no. 3. Cool! and I am super duper happy right now. See my name? Ya, that’s me, Kay Masingan. Uhh, can u see Ulan and Beaty name and their comments total? quite a big number, rite?.

Ok, as promised, Ellen give something special to us – The top commentators. You can check the gifts list here: the gifts list but here is what will I have.

4GB Pen Drive and Top Up Rm10.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I am Pretty happy and super excited right now. Thank you very much Ellen. Will Supports you, always! To all winner, congratulation and KITALAH PALING MANANG!!!


Borneonisation: Government sued

Two Sabahans filed a summons against the Federal and State governments, Monday, for allegedly failing to implement the Borneonisation of the Federal civil service in Sabah as agreed upon during the formation of Malaysia.

Former policeman Bernard Fung Fon Chen, 70, and self-employed Mohd Nazib Maidan Dally, 35, filed the summons through counsel Peter Marajin at the High Court Registry at 10am.

More details: Borneonisation


Florida murderer caught 32 years after prison escape

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla (Reuters) – Authorities on Wednesday captured a man in Colorado who escaped nearly 32 years ago from the Florida prison where he was serving a life sentence for murder.

Frederick Barrett, 60, slipped away from the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford during a nighttime power outage on August 17, 1979. U.S. Marshals Service officers, dressed as U.S. Forest Service firefighters, arrested Barrett early on Wednesday at his cabin in Montrose County, Colorado. He had been living in the remote, mountainous area under the name Neil Meltzer, Florida officials said.

A tattoo of a cross and dot on his right hand helped officers confirm they had the right man, said Steve Davenport, a special agent supervisor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Davenport said investigators had been looking for Barrett in earnest since 2009, when a new fugitive initiative in Florida set its sights on finding a dozen long-term prison escapees with violent histories.

“It’s really, really difficult to track somebody who’s been out 30 years,” Davenport told Reuters. “The trail was cold.”

But using public records and databases, investigators found evidence Barrett had traveled to Hawaii, California, Tennessee and Maryland since his escape and eventually appeared to settle in Colorado. In addition to escape charges in Florida, Barrett now faces drug and gun charges in Colorado after marshals found a marijuana grow house and multiple firearms in his home, officials said. Barrett was convicted of killing a traveling companion on the Florida Turnpike in February 1971.

According to officials, he choked Carl Ardolino from behind as Ardolino was driving. Barrett and another man then stopped the car, carried Ardolino to a shallow ditch filled with water and held his head underneath until he died. Margaret Archer, Ardolino’s niece, said her 26-year-old uncle had picked the men up at a rest stop as he drove from New Jersey to Florida for a vacation.

The deceased man’s family members welcomed the news of Barrett’s capture after so many years.

“Unbelievable,” Archer said. “We were thrilled to say the least.”