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Top 10 commentators

Wah, I am inspired by Beaty for this post. I was doing my daily visit to my favorite sites just now and noticed that her latest entry is about top commentators in her blog. Hehe, and I am glad to know that i am listed as 1 of her top 10 commentators. Then quickly I go to the bottom of my blog and copy and paste my top 10 commentators list. Wah, can u see who is the Tukang Komen terbanyak..It goes to Beaty. TQ beth and the rest. I can’t afford to give something special to MY LOVELY TOP COMMENTATORS but I think this words more than enough THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Wanna see their page? It easy, just click on their link below. They are  wonderful bloggers with interesting posts everyday.

Tukang Komen

Till death do us part

A married couple died in a car accident and went to heaven.

In heaven, the wife sees her husband with another girl. Says the wife, “whatever are you doing with that girl? (sia paling suka kasi bunyi-bunyi slang English British kalau membaca BI. hehehe)

Her husband replies.

“Our marriage was only ’till death do us part. right?

Source: Reader’s Digest July 2011

Nota: Jangan anggap saya pernah ada Boyfriend British ah…:)

Ilustrasi/image dari google image.

Amy Winehouse found dead


Troubled singer Amy Winehouse, known for her smoky soul voice and her struggle with drink and drugs, has been found dead at her flat in north London, police said. She was 27 years old.

The Grammy award-winning soul singer with her trademark beehive battled with well-documented addictions that she documented in her hit single “Rehab”. Her death is being treated as unexplained,Scotland Yard said.

“Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square shortly before 4:05 pm (1505 GMT) today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased,” a police statement said.

“On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”

London Ambulance Service said it had been called to the flat at 3:54 pm (1454 GMT) and sent two ambulances.

Police officers remained on duty outside her home Saturday.

There was no immediate comment from her agents.

Winehouse rocketed to fame after winning five Grammy awards off the back of her 2006 second album “Back to Black” and the hit single “Rehab”.

In the run-up to her live return, Winehouse spent a week earlier this year at an addiction treatment clinic in London, reportedly at the suggestion of her father, Mitch, over concerns that she was drinking too much before her shows.

But Winehouse pulled out of her European comeback tour following a disastrous opening performance in Serbia on June 18.

She was booed at the performance in Belgrade, as she appeared to be too drunk to sing

More details: Amy Winehouse Found dead.

My note: I not really like this singer but I do love her song title: You know I’m no good

My Elliptical Bike

Hi, everyone. Happy Sunday and I really hope you guys doing well today.

I supposed to go to camp’s site for the closing ceremony but I don’t think I am fit to do so. So, here I am, having my peaceful rest at home even without foods and drinks because I am fasting (qada Puasa Ramadan -3 days to go).

Yesterday, on our way back home from the camp’s site, my friend and I dropped by at the Giant Supermarket. While entering the building I’ve seen Fitness Exercise set / Equipments have been displayed on the left side of the main entrance and we decided to have a slight look on it. But then I fallen in love with one of the item and guess what happened next? After a serious bargain with the salesmen, I take it. Seriously, I now have it at home, inside my room.


I can walks and jogging with this bike too

The Twister

Well, even though I put this Elliptical Bike inside my room it doesn’t mean my housemates cannot enjoy it. They also can use it. I am not a stingy type of person. It’s just because I cannot find which area of our living room to put the item and I don’t have any plan to re-arrange the furniture in there so far.

The Carnival starts today

It’s starts today.

Our Co-curriculums Carnival starting today.  Ya, it’s a Carnival but we call it as Camping. All the participants already at the camping site approximately 2.00PM just now. For the Kadet Bomba’s club, there is 27 members participating this Carnival and I will be with them tonight.

I never been in that place. I even don’t know which area of Batu 4 the camping site- Scout Nature Park located. In fact most of the teachers don’t, especially those who not from Sandakan. I just follow my friend, the one who will drive and I think knowing where the place is.  So, I have no idea what to expect. All I know is, it’s a camping and what else you can expect during camping?

Picture: March, 2011 camping.

Busy, noisy, hot, cold, muddy area, mosquitos, not comfortable tents and last but not the least, sleepless – must be not enough sleep because most of the activities will end not earlier than 12.00am.

OMG. I easily can tolerate with the rest but not if related with sleep. I tend to get moody if I don’t have enough sleep and it’s also lead to another problem – migraine.

If everything going smoothly, I don’t have any intention to stay overnight at the camp site. So do my friend because she need to breastfeed her baby.  We plan to go back home after the last activity for tonight.

Well, need to get ready. My friend will pick me up at 8.00PM.

See yaa…