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Trailer Adnan Sempit 2

filem adnan sempit 2

Yess, Yess..Adnan Sempit 2 sudah di Pawagam sejak 23 Feb 2012. But sadly I haven’t watch it yet. Hopefully I can watch this movie end of this week. Yess!

Kenapa saya minat sangat dengan Adnan Sempit ni? Minat sama pelakon utama tu kah? Oh tidak bah. Saya suka ini movie sebab buat saya ketawa riang gembira terutama sekali part si penyanyi kedai makan tu menyanyi. :)

Dikatakan Adnan Sempit 2 ni lebih lucu. Harap-haraplah betul.

Okay mari kita tengok Triler Adnan Sempit 2 tersebut.


Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (HMM) – Personal review

Ya, I’ve watched it. Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Actually,  we (my housemate and I) were planned to watch it last night but due to Tsunami alert we cancelled it and we only bought our tickets for today show at 12.00p.m.

even though we were slightly late, (when we were inside the cinema, the movie have already started about 2-5 minutes) , but I still can understand the whole story of the movie that aired about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

well, those who are reading my previous post about this movie, might get a clue that I am expecting something EXTRAORDINARY from the movie,  but until it came to the end I only seen a great wars. I can’t even feel the historical elements inside the movie. Or it’s me not giving 100% attention? maybe my mind was somewhere else – thinking of somebody? Nope. I was giving my 1001% attention when the movie on show! Believe me. I swear I still can remember how many times I talk with my friend during the show. It’s only 2 times!

Just right after the movie, 1 think pops up inside my mind, what actually inside the movie. An epic story, historical elements, war, revenge? And what good lesson can we get from the movie? Or it only a movie for a entertainment purpose? Or maybe I the one who failed to understand the real history of Merong Mahawangsa?

I don’t know. Maybe I am expecting too much. But frankly I am quite disappointed.

overall, for me the movie was OK. I give 3 stars out of 5. 

Even though, it’s hard for me to recommend you all to watch this movie but, I think you should watch it, then >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JUDGE IT.