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Program Minggu Lepas

Berkesempatan mengikuti program Anjuran UPPLB UMS ke Maliyu Pulau Banggi pada minggu lepas. Ianya suatu pengalaman baru. suatu yang lain dari yang biasa, mungkin bukan bagi semua tetapi bagi saya. :)

 photo 10271059_865243953502219_2067081865_o_zps4712ad36.jpg

Not so good

Knowing the fact that I only get my car back in 2 weeks more is really make me feel worst. 2 weeks more? It sounds like forever. I called the person handling my case and too bad that there is NO GOOD news for me. He said that they are done with the documentations and my claim has been approved by my Insurance Company and now they have to wait for the parts which he said they ordered from somewhere else?

“Kena tunggu lebih kurang 2 minggu lagi lah Aahh-moi“. I wish I misheard those words and I don’t like the way he pronounced the Amoi word some more. But, well I need to accept the truth. 2 weeks more aahh-moi, sabar-sabar dulu. Sikajap sudah itu (mood memujuk diri sendiri).

Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia – google image

No chances to go for a vacation also make me feel bad. Back in previous years, usually I have 1 or 2 vacation tickets in hand that I bought earlier but not this year. The above picture is one of my wish list destinations to explore this year. Hope I can find a reasonable air ticket and a perfect time as well that not conflict with my work and study schedule. Oh, I pray that 2014 will come to the end faster.

Happy Wednesday.

Next level : 2nd Semester

Move to the next level!

Yay, Semester 2 officially starts last weekend and I am quite excited to be honest. Just like the previous semester, this new semester I taking 2 papers too. Based on rumors that I overheard from my friends, these 2 papers are quite tough. Well, for me nothing is easy and I prefer to not to expecting anything at all. It is better to just attend the classes, follow orders by the lectures and do the assignments given by the lectures.

But personally this semester is quite challenging for me. Since there is no long holiday from March until Jun, meaning I will be full time working and studying at the same time. Having said that, I need to manage my time wisely and be more focus on my job and my study as well. Anyway, I still hope to dapat menjayakan my plan for a solo Vacation to Singapore by end of this month. :)

I hope this semester going to selesai soon and I will get better results. Amin.

Kaji pula?

Berapa kali mau kaji dah…musnahkan terus jer. Buang karen ja lama-lama dilaksanakan dalam sistem pendidikan kita.

PUTRAJAYA 11 Feb. – Kementerian Pendidikan akan mengkaji semula pelaksanaan Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS). Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berkata, kajian tersebut perlu dilakukan ekoran terdapat pelbagai masalah dihadapi dalam melaksanakan PBS.

“Bagaimanapun semua guru masih perlu menjalankan sistem penilaian tersebut namun di pihak kementerian kita akan mengkaji berikutan aduan yang diterima.

Kat sekolah masih perlu jalankan, tapi kat kementerian nak kaji? Wei pak menteri dasar apa ke ni?

“Sama ada PBS ini akan ditangguh atau diteruskan akan diputuskan dalam satu mesyuarat yang akan diadakan dalam masa terdekat,” katanya dalam satu sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Saya yakin tiada diantara kita pun dalam Kementerian Pendidkan negara kita ini faham 100% tentang PBS.

Bacaan lanjut PBS akan dikaji


Sunburn problem? So here are some easy methods to cure it.

I had a sunburn after the sukantara event at my school last Wednesday. Well, my skin is quite sensitive and too bad I don’t apply any bedak or sunblock to protect my skins from sinaran UV during that event and as a result my skins especially my face area turned into red easily. Back at home, I googled on how to cure sunburn and found out lots of articles about that topic. So here are some methods that really caught my attention on how to cure sunburn.

1. Use a cold milk compress

Not only helps to ease the heat, but milk compress also creating a layer of protein which will protect our skin. What we need to do is to soak a washcloth/face towel into cold milk and hold the cloth over any area of sunburns for about 10 minutes.

2. Bathe in Oats

Bathe in Oats? Well, I don’t think I’ve enough supply of Oats at home to try this method. But what I can do is to give an Oats Mask a try one of these days.

3. Drinking a lot of water!

Bah minum air kosong banyak-banyak!

I also read it many times that Aloe Vera also helps to cure sunburn, and yes I believe it. Anyway, for this post Aloe Vera is excluded because I don’t have Aloe  Vera at home. We did plant it long time ago, but due to the frequent flood at my house area, it is gone. So I am just sharing some methods which I consider as a good, easy and cheap.

p/s: images are from google