The meeting up


Yay!, rasanya first time saya join guest blogger segment by Segment kali ini tentang meet up, in virtual world. Best kan. Itu lah, tanpa fikir panjang turus saya join. Yang paling best lagi,  pasal buli pilih-pilih apa itu baju yang mau dipakai time itu “meet up”.

Bah, sebelum itu, jom kita baca dulu cerita pasal the “meet up”

“It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st.”

So now we move to the outfit that i will wear for the very special outing. All i get from Polyvore. Saya pilih untuk tampil simple tapi trendy. :)

my set

Bah, jumpa di sana.. :)

Tqvm to dengan guest blogger segment yang sangat menarik ini.


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  1. wow…memang trendy o :) cantik ba..
    nc recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy SunduvaanMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Hi Kay.Terjumpa dari linky tools. A very well-thought outfit! Sia suka tu beg, cardigan and bangle. Semua match :)
    lizee recently posted..Girls’ Day OutMy ComLuv Profile

  3. wowww… nice…. complete with make up lagi… I love the look

    love the shoesss…. ^_^

  4. itu beg sa sgt suka sbb ada dua straps. best kan main polyvore! =)
    deanona recently posted..Meeting up with the ladies (virtually) :P My ComLuv Profile

  5. top + legging + wedges + scarf

    a very perfect combination.

    macam saya mau pigi cari wedges terus ni bisuk hehe
    chegu carol recently posted..CathJ’s Guest Blogger: Meeting UpMy ComLuv Profile

  6. sa suka tu gelang.. oh oh oh.. :-p
    Aki Karut recently posted..Blog Paling Lawak di dalam Dunia si AkiMy ComLuv Profile

  7. stylish! nice oh kay, sweet ni….i hope 1 bleh tgk ko pakai mcm ni..mesti gorgeous kan ^^

  8. simple yet nice!
    Just recently posted..Wordless Wednesday : AirAsiaMy ComLuv Profile

  9. kay cantik juga suka..trendy n stylish
    beaty recently posted..Karen Mok Wedding PhotoMy ComLuv Profile

  10. Kay.. sa suka tu dress, bracelet, watch… cantik… :)
    a-Me recently posted..Blogger Meeting UpMy ComLuv Profile

  11. your blouse and your handbag such a great combination~~SWeET!

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