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As planned yesterday, today my friends (Sal -the driver and Ida) and I had our lunch at Sim-Sim Market. Yeah, Ikan bakar always been one of my favorite meals! The funny thing is, after have been in Sandakan for almost 1 year, only now I realize that, this market open for operation during day time. Huhu, poor me. All this while I thought this market open at night only. Itulah, bila nampak asap dari kawasan tersebut (menandakan buka la tu) saya sedikit terkejut and said “aik, buka juga siang hari?”. Sebenarnya kami bertiga memang tidak tahu pasar tu buka siang hari, saja-saja merancang-rancang untuk makan di sana. I did took pictures as well. Nah, tingu sendiri lah..
The Location: Pasar Sim-sim
Ikan bakar yang dipanaskan semula apabila para pelanggan memilihnya
ini pun ada
Ikan bahulu, ..yum yum..
haha…tinggal tulang..
well, its cost only RM5 per person for Ikan bahulu and RM8 for ikan Okodohot (betul ka nama ikan ni?) so cheap!
After that, when heading home, we were dropped by at Servay Bt.7. I bought some toiletries and also…………jeng jeng jeng..A NEW RECYCLE BAG for my i missed my Jusco RECYCLE BAG. But, Servay punya pun not bad bah, as long as I can use it whenever I go shopping and i can help CONSERVE the ENVIROMENT by reducing plastic bags usage. That’s the most important! Yes..yes…I LOVE GREEN..PEACE TO THE WORLD. Alamak, now I am merapu..blaaa..blaaaa..
Nah, cantik ba kan…
  1. Hi Kay, ikan bakar ha always been one of my favourites. Apart from fish head curry or lemak.
    Love fish with stuffed sambal too.
    Love this restaurant where you ate. I bet there were some loud burpings, ha ha.
    Noticed your side bar still showing my previous posting.
    I think the blog ada hiccups, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

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