gimme a title for this..:) oh ya, happy birthday to Rin

Got nothing to do. Spending my “lebihan masa” at home only. After cleaning the house and feed our little cute kittens, I continued with my routine – go online and doing blog walking and listens to my favorite radio channel, mixfm at the same time. I not even joining my housemate to go to buy foods this afternoon. It’s my aim for today actually. Zero Budget. But then she came back with some foods for me too. TQVM, friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY- we’re not celebrates it today so I will try to cooks extra delicious Labu Putih soup tomorrow. hehe.
(google image)
(happy birthday to my friend – Rin. May you wishes come true.)

Before posting this update, i did some changes to this page. Pretty major changes i think. Guys, do you notices it? Yup, i’ve remove my blog header which is created by a friend of mine (a very creative one – NC, jangan mare ya, saya masih simpan juga tu picture..) and also the sidebars color, purple to white color. Well, looks like this page a little bit “kosong” now, but i am happy and comfortable with it.

Bah..tomorrow still public holiday, so HAPPY HOLIDAY to all of ENJOY your holiday.
  1. ghost writer

    hepi holiday jugak untuk kau Kay….

    kekalkan apa saja yang masih boleh memberikan nilai dalam ingatan kita…

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