I need a rest..

I’ve been in a hard situation lately.

Too many bad things happen.

And it de-motivated me a lot.

I’ve lost focus on my work.

It’s ruined my mood.

And the worst part is I started to lose my respects to a person that I knew for nearly 9 years.


I am tired.




  1. take ur time kay..
    dont think so much nt gnggu kesihatan :)

  2. That’s right. We need a break sometimes.. :D Cheers, Kay!

  3. You lost respect of him. May be only one more person the most sharing the idea with you, surely not many?
    That one person you shared the idea with, may not be as promising as you think given time.
    And no better person knows more about him than the man with you for the last 9 years. Leave this man, and be with the new guy, may take 9 months the most and forget 9 years, you’ll see the true picture behind the drama before your eyes.
    While to know the real old man, you need wisdom. He is the man of principle as was. He never weathered. The confusion is, you didn’t read far enough of him, if after nine years with him you still find many missing links and plentiful of amazing things unwrapped. You got to ask yourself how little you know about him?
    In short, you want short cut, you’re after time, you’re hungry and thirsty, you want it quick fix, and you’re worried about people gossiping about you. But he has already guaranteeing time doesn’t matter. If there is a man who ever concerned about you is this old man-rest assured.
    While the new person who appears in your life, you say like angel, tries to influence you (you didn’t agree he influenced you-yet he is) in contrary is the devil that has brought you into the night mere without you realising it. This is why the old man distasted you to be closely associated with. The angel is his blood brother. If he can ruin his own brother what about others? That’s the principle behind the old man’s disapproval. He abhorred the way his brother goes about living by ruining and exploiting others. Let the unspoken, spoken now.

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