Today is my birthday.

To be frank I am not excited to welcome my birthday as my mind is focusing on something else lately.

It is not a happy “something else” matter but a terrible one that sometimes drives me mad and makes me feel wants to cut somebody into pieces!

Astaghfirullah al adzim.



Anyway thank you for the wishes.




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  1. sabar ko cath……apa2 pun HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

  2. happy birthday kay!! tomolo birthday my daddy!.. ;)

  3. Lupa kan yg sedih2 kay, its your day! Happy Birthday :D

  4. Happy B’day Kay.
    May all the good things return to you.
    God bless.

  5. I must say, Happy Birthday as I usually did. Litte note I wrote a week ago diappeard from my hotmail file. Instead it appeared today in the mail Sky Drive I’m astonished how did it happen? May be because of the date being programmed.

    That note is by the way, only for her to read

    Anyway , wish you all the Best, eventhough Badaksumbu has changed status with you, yet with God’s will, he is still like he was with fighting spirit ever intact. Salam

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