Ninetology Stealth II

What is your favorite gadget brand?




Sony Ericsson?

Yeah I am listing those popular brands anyway.

Have you ever heard of ninetology brand? Well don’t worry if you have not as it is not a very popular brand I think. A colleague recommended this brand to me when she overheard my intention to get a new hand phone. But I was not so paying attention to her explanations at that time because I already set my mind to get gomax Pro S as recommended by someone to me.

So last Saturday I went to KK and with a very limited time I looking for the gomax Pro S but I couldn’t. Pusing-pusing lagi, tidak juga jumpa. Time mo putus asa sudah saya jumpa pula ninetology brand. Without much more consideration, I bought the ninetology stealth II for RM699.00 and you can get it for only RM499.00 if you are eligible to the SKMM RM200.00 rebate program.

Google image

Mine is in white color, but yes the product details / descriptions are similar with my set. I like the size, few inches smaller than Samsung Note II – more or less.

Yes, I love my ninetology Stealth II and I don’t have any bad words about this brand so far. Baru juga guna 3 hari and benda baru mesti semua ok. :)

Wanna see other ninetology products? Feel free to visit their page at


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  1. Baru 1st time sa dgr nie brand kay…Banyak kah function dia…?

  2. It seems like a good entry level option.

  3. belum saya pernah dgr oh.. made in mana tu?..

    new product kan.. So far i still stick with my iphone4s. Masi ok lg ni..

  4. Aikk baru kah tu cath….nda pernah pulak sya dengar…

  5. hai Kay maaf lama tak singgah… kurang sihat sikit..
    saya guna CSL ja… android ice cream

  6. apple pecah sudah… lupa ambil di atas bumbung kereta…

  7. Dang, I didn’t get the SKMM rebate. I would be buying new smarphone by then.

  8. btul ke ninetology stealth ni ok?sbb rmai yg kate xok ade yg kate ok?tpi tringin nk beli…compius2…

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