Reason for slow in blogging

Yes, I am slow and less active in blogging lately. Its like I am losing my passion in blogging right? I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe not.

Anyway to those who are wonder why i am so slow or seldom in blogging atmosphere nowadays, here is my best answer:

I am so into reading activity lately and I could say almost 3/4 of my spare time filled with reading novels. Sebab itu tidak ada masa special untuk blogging. Hehe. Early of this month I had bought a novel by Susan Lewis titled No Turning Back and I had finished it less than 5 days. The following week, I had bought 2 new books and I am in eagerness mood to finish both of them. :)


My new reading collections that I had bought at Popular Bookstore last week. A Novel by Kate Furnivall and a complete works on Sherlock Holmes (siapa yang suka siri penyiasatan Sherlock Holmes patut beli buku ini. :) )

Currently I am reading The White Pearl a new novel by Kate Furnivall and so far I love the story line. The story based in Malaya – Singapore before and during World War 2. I think the author made a huge research on this novel. This is not my first novel of Kate Furnivall. In 2008, I had read The Russian Concubine and the novel was great. Yes, Kate Furnivall is a wonderful author.

By the way, the school holiday is just around the corner and i am actually really looking forward for it. Banyak plan for this holiday.

Okay that all and Happy Wednesday to all of you. Oh no Wordless Wednesday for today.


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  1. :wink: hey, now your blog updated sudah ni. At least ada..hehe!

    Enjoy the reading. :wink:

  2. Take ur time kay :)
    books always the great remedy…

  3. asal terupdate ba tu..hehe..

  4. yeah. i think i know that sis..mmg lama2 akan boring bh..same goes with me, now i thought i’m going to be slow in kn…sis..

  5. I love sherlock holmes series… i read a few back then, now im just waiting for the movie, haha.

    oh gosh… enjoy your reading :D

    Happy holiday soon.

  6. Sa bloggibg ok jg to cuma jiwa kacau ni..

    But kay..baca novel pn o bh..he he.. Mgkn ko ble buat review

  7. Palan-palan pun bulih bah Kay. Macam saya pun kena rehat dulu berblogging ni. Macam yang saya cerita tu hari. Hehe.

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