Selamat Bercuti!

A week before, I was very excited to think about the School’s Holiday. Sangat tidak sabar! And as people said “Tak akan lari gunung dikejar” the day I waiting for finally comes. Yes, today is last day at school but I was not excited at all. Instead of feeling happy I was in lonely and in sad situation and it last for a couple of hours. Its weird feelings but I don’t feel likes want to explain more about my perasaan pelik.  However, as I’m typing this post I can say that I am now in undoubted jovial mood.


Its holiday bah, so no need to sedih-sedih segala.

So, what’s your plan during the holiday? I bet most of you already knew my plan for this holiday and for sure I’ll blog about it later but as for now I want to say happy holiday and have a safe journey during the holiday.


  1. happy holiday kay.. ba plan time cuti ni?? nda p meninguk UN di hongkod ka?? hehe

  2. hehe..ko p mana kay?sy br smpi kk

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