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Reason for slow in blogging

Yes, I am slow and less active in blogging lately. Its like I am losing my passion in blogging right? I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe not.

Anyway to those who are wonder why i am so slow or seldom in blogging atmosphere nowadays, here is my best answer:

I am so into reading activity lately and I could say almost 3/4 of my spare time filled with reading novels. Sebab itu tidak ada masa special untuk blogging. Hehe. Early of this month I had bought a novel by Susan Lewis titled No Turning Back and I had finished it less than 5 days. The following week, I had bought 2 new books and I am in eagerness mood to finish both of them. :)


My new reading collections that I had bought at Popular Bookstore last week. A Novel by Kate Furnivall and a complete works on Sherlock Holmes (siapa yang suka siri penyiasatan Sherlock Holmes patut beli buku ini. :) )

Currently I am reading The White Pearl a new novel by Kate Furnivall and so far I love the story line. The story based in Malaya – Singapore before and during World War 2. I think the author made a huge research on this novel. This is not my first novel of Kate Furnivall. In 2008, I had read The Russian Concubine and the novel was great. Yes, Kate Furnivall is a wonderful author.

By the way, the school holiday is just around the corner and i am actually really looking forward for it. Banyak plan for this holiday.

Okay that all and Happy Wednesday to all of you. Oh no Wordless Wednesday for today.


cath-J.com: The meeting up


Yay!, rasanya first time saya join guest blogger segment by cath-j.com. Segment kali ini tentang meet up, in virtual world. Best kan. Itu lah, tanpa fikir panjang turus saya join. Yang paling best lagi,  pasal buli pilih-pilih apa itu baju yang mau dipakai time itu “meet up”.

Bah, sebelum itu, jom kita baca dulu cerita pasal the “meet up”

“It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st.”

So now we move to the outfit that i will wear for the very special outing. All i get from Polyvore. Saya pilih untuk tampil simple tapi trendy. :)

my set

Bah, jumpa di sana.. :)

Tqvm to cath-j.com dengan guest blogger segment yang sangat menarik ini.


Disk usage warning

Hi everybody.. :)

Happy Monday and very sorry for not able to post a song for a Monday for today. I am not in blogging mood this morning. Sebenarnya saya betul-betul tidak sabar membuat update sebaik saja sampai dari Kampung hari kelmarin tetapi apabila menerima email pemberitahuan ini, niat saya terus terhenti.

The account with the username ‘tulusdar’ (tulusdarihati.com), is running out of disk space.

Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota.

This account has used 88.90% (444.48/500.00 MB) of its allocated disk space.

Nah, baca saja warning di atas, terus saya sedih and for sure it’s totally ruins my mood for blogging. Untuk langkah awal saya menghantar pesanan kepada Sifu Ellen, dan dia memberikan banyak info yang berguna. So buat masa ini, saya masih kena beringat-ingat membuat update atau kata jelasnya: terpaksa mengurangkan update… :(

Tentang blogging….

What to blog ah?

Eh no idea lah….

Hari ini malas lah update blog…

There is time that I will be in that situation. Feel lazy to blog and no idea what to blog about and I am pretty sure every blogger used to be in the same situation as me. Sometime we had lots of idea inside our mind until we don’t know which is which we want to share but always we having problem to write even a single word inside our New Post box. Quite a frustration right? Even we tried our best but still nothing, we just sit and stared on our blank new post box, write a word then deleted it, write again and deleted it and this will be happen over and over again until we get bored and then we close our page and go to other pages.

Or, just being fool in front of our screen with tension faces and then switch off our laptop and doing something else? get some drink, watch TV, listen to music?

Or talked nasty words to ourself?

I might don’t know what other bloggers do, but when comes to this “unproductive” moment I will just leave my page not updated for a while, doing blog walking and reading online news or just get up from my chair and get myself a class of drink and doing simple house chores.

As a not full time blogger, I find it quite hard for me update or to find interesting issues or story for my blog and of course I don’t have much time to write an update. So, what I always do is, I will make drafts about issues or story I might post on my blog and save it. Then I will come back to it when I have time and idea. In the same time, I keep myself update with current news by reading online newspaper, looking for interesting news that we can blog about. Easier way to blog is, copy some contents from newspaper, gives our view about it and post it. Even though it’s not the way i prefer, but i do it. For me nothing wrong about it as long as we put the primary source link.

Susah kan? Bagi saya 3 update sehari adalah yang paling bagus tetapi senangkah menulis 3 update itu? Senang ada, susah pun ada dan saya akan jadualkan 1 atau 2 update pada masa-masa yang saya mahu supaya blog saya tetap berupdate sewaktu saya di tempat kerja.

So, my dear blogger friends, don’t worry too much when you don’t have ideas what to blog about. It’s normal. Just relax. Everything has a limit and what we need is a good time to restart.

Keep on blogging!.

Internet Connection Yang JAHAT!

Susahnya blogging dengan INTERNET CONNECTION YANG JAHAT! bad internet connection!

Menggunakan beruk broadband berjenama Celcom, ditambah lagi dengan susun atur or my village’s location yang jauh dari laluan utama jaringan wilayah Celcom, kelambatan internet connection ini betul-betul menguji tahap kesabaran. Hilang semua idea mahu berpuitis.

Marah sangat dengan Celcom dan hampir-hampir mahu memijaknya. Biar patah berkecai.

Saya punya banyak story to tell but seems the ideas automatically fly away once I open my lappy. Salah si beruk Celcom lah!

I miss my blog very much! rindu baca blog kawan-kawan lain.