Wordless Wednesday # 24: My weekend

I went to KK last weekend and manage to took some pictures using my HP.

BERSIH supporters was all over the place. This is at Restoran Sri Sempelang Sinsuran.


My dinner at Upperstar Damai Plaza: I had Lamb Chop and it was great.


On the way home, Sunday afternoon.



  1. waaa..u got nice photos here even using HPcamera ..so nice sis…

  2. aiyaaa itu lamb chop…sya mauuu :lol:

  3. lamb chopp..i want chicken! :D

  4. tu food juga lah! :)

  5. kay ko p damai inda c tau sa…sa keja d dmai bh tu

  6. Wah sempat lagi si Kay tgk live Bersih rally, sy dgr smooth saja rally dorg tu hari tdk mcm di semenanjung :lol: Anyway I’m on WordPress platform, join y’all :wink:

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